Our Profile

Company name : Shiroyama Co., Ltd.

Founded : October 1983

Head office : Nagoya

Sales Branches :Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Toyama

Finishing factory : Nagoya

Number of Employees : 35 (2018)

Annual Turnover : 24.5 Million USD(Result of 2017)

Our business

We are a specialized distributor of TAPES for Metals

We can supply “Surface Protection” with “Exclusive support”


Our Vision

Our Philosophy

Our LOGO represents “Our Business” and “Our Spirit”

1. It combines the “S” from Shiroyama and “C” from Company.

2. The C represents 3C that make up our spirit:

  1.  CHANGE
  3.  CHANCE

3. Logo symbolizes for our main product as a protect film which is

rolled out to laminate for a coil of metals.




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